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Regulators, Flowmeters, Torches & Manifolds

WestAir has a complete line of nuts, nipples, washers, adapters, fittings, O-rings, filters, gas leak detectors, flex hoses and more.

You need quality equipment from quality manufacturers such as Concoa, ESAB, Harris, Smith, Victor and Western Enterprise.

Victor, Concoa, ESAB, Harris, as well as Smith and Western Enterprise are just some of the lines available from WestAir.

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The table below describes important Industrial Gas Equipment available from WestAir.

Regulators & Flowmeters
Single-stage     Two-stage     Flow Gauge
Flowmeter   Liquid Cylinder   High Pressure
Manifold Regulators   Pipeline   Special Application

Protocol Stations   Protocol Switchovers   Gas Generator Back-ups
Changeover Systems   Manifold Alarms   Modular Manifolds

 Handles      Cutting Attachments      Straight Torches
Machine Torches        

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