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Service worth rallying around

WestAir was founded with rugged individualism and a bold objective: To provide unparalleled customer experiences as the most trusted independent distributor of gases and equipment.


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Tell a better story.

We believe our products and services have the ability to help your innovations change the world. That's why we'll spend our time talking about the great things you -- our valued customer -- are accomplishing.

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Be social. Go digital.

Our customer service commitments will undergo a refresh to accommodate you on the platforms we've historically underserved. Free, high-value, digital-friendly resources to constantly improve efficiency.

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Drive awareness.

This decision reflects our values and our goals; our passion and purpose as a family-owned legacy. WestAir will look different, but one thing remains unwavering: Customer service is our main priority.

Next Steps + FAQs

Why are you doing this now?

We set aside 90 days of immersion and research to learn everything about our customers, our staff, and offerings as a whole. Our discoveries made it abundantly clear that a brand review was intrinsically connected to providing unparalleled service as the nation's most trusted independent distributor of gases & equipment.

It's really that simple.

When will customers start seeing changes?

As you can imagine, this is a major undertaking for any business, but especially so for a small business. We're nonetheless excited to phase our updates over the next few months, and will keep you updated as changes happen.

We're focused on efficiency and sustainability, so we'll avoid being wasteful with uniforms and private label goods; as new stock is ordered, you will begin slowly seeing those changes happening. We've already started moving quickly to update all customer assets at no cost to your organization. (Bulk, microbulk, etc.)

What do you mean when you say 'brand'?

Our brand isn't just a logo. It's everything that you -- our customer -- will see or engage with; from social media and website to invoices, portals, and assets. As you can imagine, that's a lot to update and we're taking a "slower is faster" approach to get it right the first time.

How did you come up with this?

During the research phase, our marketing team visited customers and staff alike to learn about WestAir's current strengths and weaknesses. Those conversations and discoveries -- paired with the reality of who we are in comparison to competitors -- made it pretty simple to re-imagine ourselves. So, thank you for your participation!

What does the new logo mean?

This is the fun part: There's so much to unpack with the new logo! It's at once a nod to the four (4) generations of Castigliones and the decades of service from dedicated employees; it shows "rally around"; it's filled with little clues about our industry; and size does matter because we're the "little" independent distributor swinging upward at competition and better serving our customers. Now, that's easy to see.

And for you? Service stays the same, we're just going to take Q1 & Q2 of 2023 to update every touchpoint for our customers (invoices, ecommerce portals, equipment, etc.).

How will you do it all? Do I need to do anything?

Three phases. And roughly six months.

WestAir will update its fleet vehicles, facility signage, customer equipment, and safety gear. Many digital assets do not require any funds beyond labor to update.

Have a question? Or need our new brand standards guide to update your platforms? Email

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