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Welding & Cutting Equipment

WestAir carries a complete line of welding machines and cutting equipment from major manufacturers, like Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, Thermal Dynamics, Hypertherm, and Victor.

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MIG, TIG and Stick Welders

Look to WestAir to help you get the right welding machine. You can get your small MIG, TIG and Stick Welders for home and garage use, along with more powerful machines for fabrication and production.

Plasma Cutters & Torches

Look to WestAir to help you get the right Plasma Cutting machine. A Plasma Cutter is a multi-purpose tool that lets you cut or gouge a broad range of materials. WestAir Plasma Cutters have capabilities for faster, easier and better cutting or gouging.

Engine Driven Welders & Other Equipment

Look to WestAir to help you get the right Engine Drive Welding machine. Engine Driven Welders can be compact and lightweight for maintenance and farm work, to large frame welders for pipeline welding and carbon arc gouging.

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