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Top 5 Tips for Efficient and Safe Cylinder Storage

Learn how to maintain the quality of the gases you buy, help control costs, and help you maximize safety.

-For a better environment when storing compressed gases-

Featuring procedures followed by leading companies and laboratories to ensure efficient and safe storage of gases.

Compressed gases can create harmful environments that are either flammable, oxygen-enriched or oxygen-deficient.

A lot has been written about the safe handling and transportation of compressed gas cylinders. But there are more bases to cover to make sure you, your staff, and the environment is safe when it comes to actually using compressed gas cylinders.

This tip sheet will show you simple actions you can take to help you safely and efficiently store compressed gas Cylinders and make sure the gases you have on-hand are ready when you need them.

Key things you’ll learn with this tip sheet:
  • How to optimize your storage areas.
  • How to keep inventories lean.
  • How to properly restrain cylinders.
  • How to safely transport cylinders.
  • How to take special precautions with flammable, explosive and corrosive gases.

This tip sheet is based on best practices that WestAir Gases and Equipment have been using to help our clients for more than 40 years.

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