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Meet the Top Gas Supplier In California

Industrial & Specialty Gases

WestAir Gases & Equipment is California’s leading industrial gas supplier and specialty gas supplier. All the mixes and purities packaged in the cylinders, microbulk and bulk tanks you need to help you improve quality, reduce labor costs and help protect the environment.

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Welding Supplies & Equipment

If you need a welding gas supplier as well as welding equipment and supplies, look no further. Metal Fabricators can find all the equipment, accessories and consumables you will need for welding and cutting in all our stores.

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Specialty Gas Equipment & Cryogenic Products

Get all the precise regulators and manifolds for your specialty gas needs, plus dewars, freezers and other products for your cryogenic applications. We can be your full-service specialty gas supplier.

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Process Improvement Services

Nitrogen Pumping for the Oil & Gas industry.  Green CO2™ for restaurants and food service. Applications engineers for advice. WestAir is ready to help you increase throughput, improve quality and reduce costs.

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Process Improvement Services

Industries Served 

Our large inventory, and hands-on management enable us to serve a broad range of customers – from the world’s largest shipyards and pharmaceutical companies to the home hobbyist. Learn for yourself why we’re the leading gas distributor and gas equipment supplier in California.


Service at WestAir is a way of life!

Since my parents started WestAir in 1970, there has been only one single guiding principle: 'Great service, period.'

That's what you can expect at WestAir.

We make service our priority.
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It’s not just a saying, it’s the way we operate. We truly live and breathe “Large Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care.

Take a look at how we have resolved our client’s issues and see what WestAir can do for you!

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