The Industries We Serve

Our large inventory, and hands-on management enable us to serve a broad range of customers – from the world’s largest shipyards and pharmaceutical companies to the home hobbyist. Learn for yourself why we’re a leading gas distributor and gas equipment supplier.


Metal Fabrication, Welding & Cutting Gases

Metal fabrication covers a wide range of activities – from general welding to specialized laser job shops. Complexity increases as workflows combine both traditional and new cutting, welding and automated processes. We are the welding gas supplier to help you keep up with your needs.


Cryogenic Gases For Lab Life Sciences & Medical

As the best source for lab, medical, and life science gases and equipment for the systems you use in a variety of applications.


Shipbuilding & Aerospace Solutions

Shipbuilders and aerospace use industrial gases, welding mixtures and even some specialty gases in different operations for almost every stage of building and/or repairing.


Food & Agriculture Solutions

You need reliable sources N2 (nitrogen) O2 (oxygen) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) to support a wide variety of key processes. Your gases must comply with a variety of quality standards including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). 



When it comes to carbonated beverages, customers demand great tasting draught beer and fountain soft drinks. You want the same, but with minimal waste and low costs. We have the CO2 & CO2/Nitrogen systems customized for your application.


Gas, Oil and Petroleum Solutions

Hydrocarbon extraction, storage, transportation and conversion requires a continuous supply of industrial and specialty gases.

Find The Right Gases, Welding Supplies & Equipment 

WestAir Gases & Equipment is a leading industrial gas supplier and specialty gas supplier. All the mixes and purities packaged in the cylinders, microbulk and bulk tanks you need to help you improve quality, reduce labor costs and help protect the environment.

Special Programs We Offer

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Remotely monitor all of gases

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Locate and maintain all of your cylinders

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Order online, view documents and track cylinders

Learn About Our Specialty Gases

Specialty Gases

WestAir is pleased to announce the publication of our updated specialty gas catalog. The catalog is designed for ease of use selecting the correct gas and equipment for your specialty gas applications. We understand the critical nature of your research and development and manufacturing. The catalog offers up to date gas specifications, part numbers and an equipment selection guide. It contains sections dedicated to pure gases, mixed gases, special applications and specialty equipment.

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What People Say


Pat Smith
Certified Air Conditioning, Inc.

The sales people have always been honest and straight forward with their approach. Many times I receive my purchase orders the same day. That sort of quick service relieves the job foreman and me of the potential stress that occurs when purchase orders are not filled in a timely fashion.




Kim Carr
Project Manager/Safety Manager

My experience in working with WestAir has always been a positive one.  The responsiveness when issues arise has always been highly dependable.


John Sharp
VP of Manufacturing / Flowmaster Mufflers Inc.

WestAir’s team of specialists designed and installed a turnkey supply system ensuring us an uninterrupted supply of liquid and gas products. At times throughout the year when running three shifts this has been critical to our production.

Our Story


West Air Gases

Since its inception in 1970, WestAir (formerly known as San Diego Welders Supply) quickly became one of the largest independent distributors of gases, gas equipment and welding supplies in California and the greater Southwest.

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