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Lab & Life Science Solutions

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Gases play key roles in research, development, scale-up and production in laboratories and life
sciences. The right gases delivered through the right distribution systems improve product uniformity,
quality and yield while reducing cycle times.

CryogenicPhotoA lot of your responsibilities require that you have the right gas at the right time in the right state.

WestAir can provide you with materials and support for the systems you use in a variety of applications:

  • Cryogenic freezing of bone marrow, stem cells, pharmaceutical cell lines and other critical
  • Cryogenic condensation for volatile organic compound (VOC) systems needed to comply
    with hazardous air pollutant regulations.
  • Non-freezing direct and indirect cooling for rapid cooling and precise temperature control
    needed in reaction and process optimization.
  • Inducing simultaneous nucleation of all the vials inside the freeze dryer chamber. 
  • Freeze-drying (lyophilization of) sensitive, high-value, sterile products such as biologic
    formulations, vaccines and non-aqueous solvent-based drugs.
  • Overcoming dissolved-oxygen limitations in aerobic microbial fermentation systems.
  • Primary and back-up refrigeration equipment.
  • Secondary and tertiary cryogenic back-up systems.
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Gases for Labs and the Life Sciences

You need reliable sources N2 (nitrogen) O2 (oxygen) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) to support a wide variety of key processes. Your gases must comply with a variety of quality standards including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and the FDA.


Nitrogen plays important roles in maintaining process quality. You need gaseous nitrogen for blanketing: protecting processes from moisture intrusion, oxidation, degradation and contamination. Additional uses include purging, pressure transferring, mixing and capturing air emissions. You also need cryogenic liquid nitrogen to control temperature in reactor cooling applications and to preserve biological samples (via lyophilization systems).


Oxygen plays critical roles in cell growth applications in fermenters and bioreactors.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is used for a variety of applications including your bench-top incubators. In manufacturing, you use CO2 in fluid chromatography. In wastewater treatment application, you need CO2 for self-buffered pH controls.

Keep Your Focus on Your Key Processes

WestAir offers complete solutions for Life Sciences and Biotechnology companies. Download the brochure.

BiotechFlyerThumnail.pngYou need a reliable supply chain of not only gases, but also regulators, specialty equipment and safety products.

You want to focus your attention on research, development, scaling-up, and production.

Let WestAir take the worry out of your gas-related processes and applications.  You can count on WestAir to make sure you have the right gases and equipment when and where you need them.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable supplier for your gas requirements, or if you have an immediate shortage or emergency to address, you can count on WestAir.

With WestAir, you also have access to a team of gas and safety experts that can help you analyze your needs and provide training. Contact us for details and for answers to your biggest questions. 

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