Gas, Oil and Petroleum Solutions

PetroleumSidePhotoHydrocarbon extraction, storage, transportation and conversion requires a continuous supply of industrial and specialty gases.

You need a reliable supply chain of not only gases, but also welding, cutting and safety products to help  minimize delays, budget overruns and equipment downtime. EPA protocol gases are essential for maintaining compliance as well.

You want to focus your attention on finding and extracting new deposits, calibrating systems and monitoring emissions, or managing turnarounds - not worrying about having the right gases, welding and cutting equipment and safety products where and when you need them.

Let WestAir take the worry out of your gas-related processes and applications. You can count on WestAir to make sure you have the right gases and equipment when and where you need them. Contact us for more information and to request a quote or consultation.

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Industrial and Specialty Gases and Services

Industrial Gases

You need reliable sources N2 (nitrogen), Argon and CO2 (carbon dioxide) for a wide variety of key upstream, midstream and downstream processes.

N2 plays important roles in maintaining product quality and ensuring safe processes. You blanket storage tanks with N2.  N2 can inert compressors, pipelines and reactors to prevent equipment degradation during shutdowns and turnarounds, while also checking their integrity and leak tightness. And N2 can provide the pressure you need to transfer products between storage units or onto shipping vessels.

Argon and CO2 can play key roles in product transfers, as well as inerting thermal events in large contained areas.

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Specialty Gases and Calibration Standards

Whether you're monitoring feedstock or waste streams, sulfur or moisture content, or monitoring for compliance with EPA requirements including Subpart JA, you need a wide variety of calibration standards and gas mixtures.

You’ll also need these standards and mixtures during the analysis and monitoring functions of the quality assurance processes of the final product streams.

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Nitrogen Pumping Services

Nitrogen pumping plays a key role in keeping lines moving and preventing unnecessary downtime.

During pigging, nitrogen pumping can eliminate potential hazards within your pipelines.

Nitrogen pumping can also remove obstacles during the processing, storing and transporting of natural gas and liquefied natural gas.

In certain situations, particularly during Cavern Integrity testing, you need real-time data to ensure accuracy and safety.

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Welding and Cutting Equipment and Supplies

Extracting, storing, transporting and converting hydrocarbons often involves welding and cutting a wide variety of materials.

Particularly in repair and turnaround situations, you need the right machines, equipment, supplies and accessories in the right place at the right time.

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Safety Products

Your people need critical supplies to ensure their on-the-job safety.

The many safety products and services your people need range from personal protective equipment (PPE) to on-site gas monitoring, safety training, and fall protection.

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