Welding and Cutting Gas Supplies

WestAir carries a complete line of outfits, regulators & flowmeters, torches, handles, cutting attachments, tips, adapters and fittings to suit your ox-fuel needs – whether it be cutting, heating, welding or brazing.

You need quality equipment from quality manufacturers including Victor, Miller, Western and Arcair.

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The following list describes the WestAir line of Welding and Cutting Gas Supplies that you can use in your processes.

Welding & Cutting Supplies        
Air-fuel Equipment and Tips   Air-fuel Outfits   Burning Bars and Accessories 
Check Valves and Flash Arrestors   Outfits: Welding and Cutting   Spark Lighters and Flints
Tip Cleaners   Tips (Cutting)   Tips (Heating and Welding)
Torch and Regulator Repair Parts   Torches, Handles and Cutting Attachments   Welding Hoses

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