WestAir ACM Cylinder Tracking


Hundreds, or even thousands, of gas cylinders may be flowing into and out of your operation each year.

After you’ve done all you can to make sure that you’ve supplied the right gases, on time and to the right locations, you need to address the financial side of gas cylinder logistics.

You can have the confidence of knowing that you are not being over billed for rent, or paying for cylinders that you did not lose with the WestAir ACM Cylinder Tracking System.

In order to manage your gas cylinders efficiently and cost-effectively, you need to answer some questions:

  • How many cylinders do I have?
  • How long have the cylinders been there?
  • Where are all the cylinders from my PO# XZY?
  • Where is each cylinder located now?
  • How many cylinders did I receive this year? This month?
  • How many cylinders did I return this year? This month?

Information and Communications Leads to Better Business

The WestAir ACM Cylinder Tracking System makes it easier to gather and share the information you need for your gas operations to run efficiently and cost-effectively.

ACM uses the best available barcode, mobile scanning and information networking technologies to collect detailed information on the cylinders sent to and received from you. With the information provided by our gas cylinder tracking, you have a complete and accurate view of your supply chain.

Accurate Cylinder Balances


WestAir barcodes each cylinder and will scan each cylinder when it enters and leaves your location. This eliminates the need for you to perform time-consuming and error-prone inventory tracking. This process also guarantees accurate monthly billing statements.

Our gas cylinder tracking system means cylinders never get lost. ACM links each cylinder to the last user, so cylinders returned get credited to the right account. If one of your WestAir cylinders gets returned by another party, it automatically gets credited to you, reducing your exposure to lost cylinder issues.

Cylinder Utilization Reports

You will have access to reports that let you analyze the consumption of each type of gas in each type of cylinder. You will be able to easily determine peak re-order rates and identify surplus inventory to make sure that your gas supply chain runs as cost-effectively as possible.

Expiration Alerts

This gas cylinder management system sends email alerts notifying you of any upcoming expiration dates on Specialty Gases.

On-demand Online Access

You will have 24/7 online access to information on your cylinders including:

  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Current Balances
  • Cylinder Balances by Department

Contact WestAir for Accurate Cylinder Tracking

If you need a reliable supplier of quality gases that can also provide you with complete and accurate information on your gas cylinder inventory and usage, contact WestAir at (866) 937-8247.

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