Medical Gases

Gases play key roles in the effectiveness and efficiency of a wide variety of medical processes and systems.

Patient care, pathology and research use many different specialty gases and specialty gas mixtures in a wide range of purities and grades. 

The right med gas and distribution systems will ensure proper and continuous operation of processes and systems like: 

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Cryogenic Freezers
  • Cryoablation and Cryotherapy
  • Cryopreservation
  • Sterilization
  • Blood platelet storage

You need to support a lot of teams and organizations in terms of usage quantities and patterns without investing in unnecessary inventory. WestAir is the comprehensive source for medical gases in California. Our technicians are here to help you optimize your gas related processes and inventory for your applications.


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Medical Gases

Ultra-high purity and research grade gases meet in-hospital testing standards. The following section describes some key medical-grade gases

  • Oxygen USP: U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention (USP) grade oxygen and bulk oxygen storage equipment to medical facilities, for the treatment or prevention of insufficient oxygen in the blood (hypoxemia and hypoxia).
  • Medical Air USP: Used extensively in the ICU, PICU and NICU areas and with pulmonary nebulizers to reduce the risk of excess oxygen (hyperoxia) in lungs or other body tissue during mechanical ventilation or surgical procedures.
  • Nitrogen NF (National Formulary): Used in pre-flight lung testing to measure a person’s response to a simulated aircraft cabin environment (hypoxic challenge testing). It is also used to power medical devices. Nitrogen NF is also used as a cryogen to freeze and preserve blood, tissue, and other biological specimens, as well as to freeze and destroy diseased tissue in cryosurgery and dermatology.
  • Nitrous Oxide USP: Is often used with other agents for the production of anesthesia.
  • Helium USP and Heliox USP: Often used for the treatment of fixed partial upper obstruction or increased airway resistance. Also used in liquid form, it helps MRI systems reach a super conductance state needed to produce high-resolution body images without radiation exposure.
  • Carbon Dioxide USP: Used for insufflation, it may also be combined with oxygen or air for respiratory simulation.
  • Carbon Monoxide: Trace amounts may be used as lung diffusion gases for testing purposes.
  • Ethylene Oxide: Commonly used for healthcare sterilization.
  • Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen-NF: Used to freeze and preserve blood, tissue and other biological specimens to keep them fresh and viable during delivery. 

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Keep Your Focus on Your Key Processes

You need a reliable supply chain of not only medical gas cylinders, but also specialty equipment and safety products.

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