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Carbon Dioxide

Need compressed, liquid and various mixtures of carbon dioxide (CO2)?

WestAir Gases & Equipment’s expertise and selection make us the leading carbon dioxide supplier in California. Our experience as compressed and liquid CO2 suppliers allows us to serve a wide variety of industries. 

For example, in the Food and Beverage industry, food-grade carbon dioxide is a key cryogenic agent for cooling, chilling and freezing. Using CO2 also reduces the need for preservatives in packaged products, and is a key ingredient in carbonated beverages.

Whether you have a beverage production facility or retail fountain, you must consider safety and environmental factors in your beverage carbonation process. The WestAir Green CO2™ is a safer and more efficient stationary CO2 gas system that eliminates the need for CO2 venting and cylinder switching. 

CO2 is used in the agricultural grow industry for enriching the atmosphere to increase crop yields. It also is used heavily in the extraction process as a solvent where oils are stripped from the harvested flower to be further refined and processed for a variety of uses.

Compressed CO2 is used extensively in the Metal Fabrication industry as a shielding gas in the Mig Welding process.

The Healthcare industry uses industrial-grade CO2 for insufflation and as a respiratory stimulant to promote deep breathing. 

Product Name Concentration Safety Data Sheet
Carbon Dioxide: Research Grade >99.998%

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Carbon Dioxide: SFC Grade >99.995% Click to View SDS
Carbon Dioxide: Instrument Grade >99.99%

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Carbon Dioxide: Anaerobic Grade >99.9%

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Carbon Dioxide: Bone Dry Grade >99.8%

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Carbon Dioxide: Food Grade  >99.5%

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Carbon Dioxide: Industrial Grade  >99.0%

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Carbon Dioxide: Lab Grade  >99.0%
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Carbon Dioxide: USP Grade  >99.0%

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The Oil industry uses CO2 in oil recovery. Other oil industry applications for CO2 include energized fluid fracturing in conventional reservoirs for both horizontal and vertical wells.

The Water and Wastewater Treatment industry uses CO2 as safe and lower cost alternative to mineral acids in pH reduction.

Welders and Metal Fabricators often mix CO2 and argon as a shielding gas to prevent atmospheric contamination of molten metal.

In the Pharmaceutical laboratories, CO2 is used in bench top incubators. In production, it is used in fluid chromatography.

We deliver gaseous, compressed and liquid carbon dioxide in a variety of cylinders, vessels and containers to fit your precise application needs.

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