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Is Acetylene Right for your Business?

Acetylene (C2H2) is considered to be the hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases. It is also known for its strong localized heating capacity and minimal thermal waste. It is flammable, colorless, and lighter than air, so at low levels, it does not accumulate.


Given its low flame moisture content, acetylene gas is a great choice as fuel for many critical heating processes. Some common applications include flame cleaning, spot heating, texturing, brazing, thermal spraying, carbon coating and more. It provides a precise carbon source necessary to create a strong, wear-resistant surface layer on steel parts.

Industrial acetylene is also an excellent choice for underground working conditions because of its lightness and lack of accumulation. It also requires the least amount of oxygen for complete combustion. This means that it is the only fuel gas that is appropriate for welding steel under such circumstances.

When utilized as part of an oxy-acetylene cutting set up, it has the fastest preheating and piercing time of any fuel gas combo. Some additional benefits of oxy-acetylene include:

  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Improved cut quality
  • Reduced oxygen use
  • Faster initiation time

Some additional common, non-cutting, uses for acetylene include:

  • Production of certain plastics
  • Organic and chemical synthesis
  • Calibration gas for oil refineries
  • An aid in flower formation in agriculture
  • A carbon source in molecular manufacturing

Acetylene can be manufactured commercial via the reaction between calcium carbide and water. It’s also a byproduct of ethylene production.

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