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One of the six noble gases, argon (Ar) is odorless, colorless, inert, monatomic and possesses very low chemical reactivity. These characteristics are even demonstrated in the name of the gas - with argon being derived from the Greek word ‘argos’ which means ‘lazy’. It has a number of industrial, agricultural, and scientific purposes, but arguably one of the most common is as a shielding gas for arc welding. In this case, industrial-grade argon can be used in both its pure form and as part of a mixture. 

However, compressed argon gas is good for more than just welding. For example, food-grade argon is used in preserving packaged foods. Some of the other common uses for argon include:

  • Carrier gas for chromatography
  • Sputtering in hard disk production
  • Protecting against oxidation in viticulture
  • Ion implantations and plasma etching in semiconductor device fabrication
  • Creation of a blanket atmosphere in crystal growth
  • A filling mixture for incandescent lamps, thyratron radio tubes, and phosphorescent tubes
  • In lasers to repair arteries and correct eye defects 
  • Protective application in iron, steel, and heat treatment

One of the most common ways to produce argon is by separating air, where a crude argon stream containing up to 5% oxygen is removed from the main separation column. It can also be sourced from exhaust streams of some ammonia plants.

Please see the table below for information and to access safety data sheets on argon gas available from WestAir.

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Compressed, mixed and liquid argon comes in a variety of cylinder types and sizes to meet your purity and volume requirements. If you need a reliable argon supply or a quality argon tank for your business, trust WestAir Gases & Equipment to be your argon supplier in California.

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