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Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen for Perfect Carbonation

When it comes to carbonated beverages, customers demand great tasting draught beer and fountain soft drinks.  You want the same, but with minimal waste and low costs.

Quality draught beers, particularly today’s craft beers, play critical roles in the profitability of your beverage business.  All draught beer systems use carbon dioxide (CO2) to maintain carbonation, and depending on pressure requirements, add nitrogen (N2) to pour the perfect beer.

Running out of a gas or serving flat drinks means unhappy customers and and/or lost sales and profits.

Draught Beer Issues

Using just CO2 with beer pumps can create over-carbonated, foamy beer.  Using the wrong CO2/N2 blend on ales and lagers can create under-carbonated, flat beer.  This likely leads to excessive waste, lost revenue and unhappy customers.

A precise blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen delivered at the correct pressure is the key to perfect carbonation.  The optimal draught beer pour for maximum customer satisfaction and restaurant profitability – the “perfect pint” is a 14-ounce pour made up of 13.5 ounces of beer and a ¾-inch 0.5 ounce head of foam.

Fountain Soft Drink Issues

A cold fountain soft drink plays a big role in defining your customers first impressions of your establishment. You need a continuous and reliable supply of quality carbon dioxide to minimize the risk of bad first impressions. As a key ingredient in fountain beverages, CO2 helps determine the taste, aroma and level of carbonation.

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Get Perfect Carbonation

Perfect carbonation maximizes both customer happiness and your profitability.

Perfect carbonation starts with high-quality ingredients.  You need to use “beverage quality” CO2.  Don’t use grades of CO2 typically used in metal fabrication, cleaning and solvent extraction or other applications.

With draught beer, you need quality N2 with gas purity of less than 0.2% oxygen (O2) to reduce the chance of adverse effects on quality of the beer you serve.

How You Get Your Gases Counts

You can get gases for soft drinks and other beverages in high-pressure gas cylinders or liquid bulk deliveries.

Available space and sales volume make high-pressure gas cylinders a good solution for some beverage applications.  But in the long-run, cylinders may cost more.  Changing and storing cylinders takes you and your employees away from serving customers.  You may lose profitable sales when you run out of a gas or serve flat soft drinks.  And your staff and your guests face possible dangers as you move and handle cylinders.

If you have the space and volume, liquid bulk deliveries may make sense.  You would store liquid bulk carbon dioxide on your premises in a lower pressure in a stainless steel holding tank.  Your vendor would automatically refill your tank based on your usage pattern.  No more business interruptions and no more waste from flat beverages.  You can drive your carbonation costs down to less than 1 cent per serving.  And you can focus on serving your customers instead of managing your carbonation gas for beverages.

Get Perfect Carbonation Today

As a leading beverage gas supplier, WestAir can provide you with cylinders and liquid bulk deliveries of beverage-grade CO2 and N2.

WestAir can provide you with a wide variety of gas cylinders to match your space, volume and cost requirements.  Take advantage of WestAir's Green CO2™ microbulk service for safe, convenient and economical beverage carbonation.

With WestAir, you have access to a team of gas and safety experts that can help you analyze your needs and provide training. Let us help you dtermine the best gas mixtures and delivery processes for your business.

Focus on Customers, Not Gas Supplies

You need a reliable supply chain of not only gases, but also regulators, specialty equipment and safety products.

You should focus your attention on food and customer service-related tasks.

Let WestAir take the worry out of your gas-related processes and applications.  You can count on WestAir to make sure you have the right gases and equipment when and where you need them.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable soft drink and beer gas supplier for your requirements, or if you have an immediate shortage or emergency to address, you can count on WestAir.

In addition, with WestAir, you’ll have access to a team of beverage gas and safety experts that can help you analyze your needs and provide training.

Carbon Dioxide

CO2 plays a key role in cooling, chilling and freezing applications, protecting the taste and texture of food products by maintaining proper temperature control. COhelps remove heat at any stage of food processing via snowing.  COincreases shelf life of juice and dairy products while protecting taste and texture, and reducing the need for preservatives.  Without carbon dioxide, you wouldn’t have carbonated beverages.  And, a COcontrolled-atmosphere stunning systems plays a key role in the humane treatment of turkeys and broilers.


N2 plays important roles in maintain process quality.  You need nitrogen as a cryogenic agent in cooling, chilling and immersion freezing.  N2 plays a key role in reducing spoilage, discoloration and off-flavors in beef and pork, baked goods.  N2 gives strength to retail packaging.  Nitrogen prevents oxidation in the package headspace of still beverages, pressurizes bottled water packaging, and helps dispense draught beer.

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