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All materials, all applications at any location

You need high quality process piping to ensure that your liquid and gas supplies meet health and safety standards, as well as to optimize the performance of your gas-related processes.

You can count on WestAir for help to design, fabricate and install the process piping systems that best suit your processes and applications.

You can leverage the WestAir team’s skills and experience with a wide variety of systems involving industrial gases, high purity gases, medical gases, and cryogenic applications.  These systems are often located in highly congested areas, and require knowledge of almost every code that addresses pipe fabrication and installation including ASME and NFPA 99.  Many members of the WestAir process piping team have obtained relevant certifications including NFPA99-2012, ASSE 6010 (Medical Gas Installations) and ASSE 6040 (Medical Gas Maintenance).

Please see the list below for the Process Piping services WestAir can provide for you:

  • Piping materials including stainless steel, high-purity clean copper and vacuum-jacketed
  • Turnkey bulk and microbulk system installation
  • Custom pressure/flow control manifold, panel, and alarm system design and installation
  • Skidded-system design and installation
  • Cryogenic-freezer installation and preventative maintenance
  • Gas-system preventative maintenance
  • Gas-system remote-monitoring
  • Compliance documentation
  • Cost and payback analysis for system redesign
  • Project budgeting

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