Cryogenic Products

Need help storing and dispensing liquid nitrogen and other liquid gases?

Looking for the best way to store and transport frozen samples?

Worried about managing filling and sample-retrieval cycles with your nitrogen vapor freezers?

WestAir has the cryogenic products and Application Engineers to develop the best solutions for your applications.


The following tables describe the WestAir line of Cryogenic Products that you can use in your processes.

Cryogenic Equipment        
Cryo Preservation Freezers   Cryo Gloves   Dry Vapor Shippers
Dewars   Transfer Hoses   Whisper Valves
Automatic Switchover Manifolds   Phase Separators   Shipping Cartons
Safety Glasses & Faceshields   Aprons   Liquid Level Alarms

At WestAir, you can find the cryogenic products to ensure the integrity of your processes.

You need freezers that give you the information and control to maintain the necessary conditions for the contents.

And, to protect the long-term viablity of your frozen samples, you need to ensure that they are not affected during filling and retrieval cycles. To ensure that liquid nitrogen is safely transferred each day, WestAir will supply you with the right pouring spouts, pressurized dispensing equipment and dippers.

Each WestAir location carries a large supply of cryogenic products to ensure safe and effective operations.  Our in-house experts will help you select the best dewars, vessels and other cryogenic products for your applications and environment.

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