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Shielding & Industrial Gas Mixtures


Shielding & Industrial Gas Mixtures

Looking for the right shielding gas for your application?

WestAir developed the CoverShield  line of proprietary blends of shielding gases to help you optimize your welding results. Shielding gases protect the finished weld from the effects of oxygen and nitrogen, and can positively affect weld-metal properties (e.g., strength, corrosion resistance and toughness).

CoverShield gases can also improve the weld bead shape and size as well as the weld porosity and fusion. The right shielding gases can increase your productivity with increased travel speeds and by minimizing the amount of spatter and clean up.

Please refer to the table below for information and to access safety data sheets on mixes available from WestAir.

Product Name Application Safety Data Sheet
CoverShield 1 - 10 Mild Steel Click to View SDS
CoverShield 11 - 19 Stainless Steel Click to View SDS
CoverShield 20 - 29 Aluminum Non-ferrous Click to View SDS
CoverShield 30 - 39  Plasma Cutting  Click to View SDS

WestAir has delivered the CoverShield line of specially blended industrial gas mixtures to enhance and improve your welding process for both MIG and TIG.

We deliver shielding gases in a variety of cylinders and mixtures to fit your precise application needs.

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