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Need compressed, liquid and various mixtures of hydrogen (H2)?

The Aerospace and Shipbuilding industries use hydrogen for metal sintering and annealing.

The Food & Agriculture industries use hydrogen as cryogenic agent in cooling, chilling and food freezing.

Please see the table below for information and to access safety data sheets on hydrogen available from WestAir.

Product Name Concentration Safety Data Sheet
Hydrogen: Research Grade >99.9999% Click to View SDS
Hydrogen: Ultra High Purity Grade >99.999% Click to View SDS
Hydrogen: Zero Grade >99.99% Click to View SDS
Hydrogen: High Purity Grade 99.99% Click to View SDS
Hydrogen: Industrial Grade >99.95% Click to View SDS


The Oil and Gas industries often uses hydrogen to upgrade heavy crude oils into refined fuels, and help to meet transportation fuel specifications. Hydrogen can also be used to de-sulphurize fuels, to heat-treat metals, and to test for leaks. 

The Metal Fabrication industry often mixes hydrogen with argon as a shielding gas for TIG and plasma  welding of stainless steel. Hydrogen can also be combined with oxygen for underwater flame-cutting. 

We deliver gaseous and compressed hydrogen in a variety of cylinders, vessels and containers to fit your  precise application needs.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Hydrogen Suppliers in California 

Whether your operations call for liquid hydrogen or compressed cylinders, there’s no better resource in California than WestAir. As family-owned hydrogen gas suppliers, we’ve served our customers with care and dedication since 1970. We have the resources and the flexibility to provide hydrogen at the most cost-effective prices possible. Contact us today to learn more about what makes us the ideal source for hydrogen cylinders.

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