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Air. It’s not just for breathing. It’s also an essential part of combustion, decay, oxidation, and a number of other industrial processes. In some cases, purity is essential, creating a need for synthetic air gases. These are produced by mixing pure oxygen with pure nitrogen.

Synthetic air is often used as a zero gas in environmental monitoring and test equipment. Additionally, it can be used in laboratory research and development as an oxidizer for flame ionization detectors. We also supply zero grade air that has had virtually all hydrocarbons removed through oxidative catalysis.

For applications that don’t require a high grade of purity, compressed air can be combined with a fuel gas to create a flame that has a lower temperature than an oxyfuel flame. This air-fuel flame is ideal for soldering, brazing, and carbon coating of lower temperature alloys. Compared to fuels such as oxy-acetylene, it gives welders more control over the carbon coat’s thickness. Some other common uses that we supply compressed air for include:

  • Die casting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Metallurgical processes 
  • Pneumatic drills

Please see the table below for information and to access safety data sheets on zero air calibration gas and other air mixtures available from WestAir.

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