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Air. It’s not just for breathing. It’s also an essential part of combustion, decay, oxidation, and a number of other industrial processes. In some cases, purity is essential, creating a need for synthetic air gases. These are produced by mixing pure oxygen with pure nitrogen.

Synthetic air is often used as a zero gas in environmental monitoring and test equipment. Additionally, it can be used in laboratory research and development as an oxidizer for flame ionization detectors. 

For applications that don’t require a high grade of purity, compressed air can be combined with a fuel gas to create a flame that has a lower temperature than an oxyfuel flame. This air-fuel flame is ideal for soldering, brazing, and carbon coating of lower temperature alloys. Compared to fuels such as oxy-acetylene, it gives welders more control over the carbon coat’s thickness. Some other common uses that we supply compressed air for include:

  • Die casting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Metallurgical processes 
  • Pneumatic drills

Please see the table below for information and to access safety data sheets on air mixtures available from WestAir.

Product Name
Safety Data Sheet
Air: Ultra Zero Grade 
20%-22% Oxygen
78%- 80% Nitrogen
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Air: Zero Grade
20%-22% Oxygen
78%-80% Nitrogen
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Air: Instrument Grade
19.5%-23.5% Oxygen
76.5%-80.5% Nitrogen
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Air: Industrial Grade
19.5%-23.5% Oxygen
76.5%-80.5% Nitrogen
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Compressed and synthetic air comes in a variety of cylinder types and sizes to meet your purity and volume requirements.

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