Need compressed oxygen gas and liquid oxygen (O2) in a variety of purities and concentrations? WestAir can be your go-to oxygen supplier in California, with multiple grades available for many industrial applications. Here, you will find medical oxygen as well as research-grade and ultra-high-purity-grade gases.

For smaller, more specialized applications, contact WestAir for oxygen in high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid oxygen dewars in a variety of sizes. WestAir can also supply bulk liquid and gas oxygen in a full range of purities and tank sizes, for your oxygen needs.

Please see the table below for information and to access safety data sheets on liquid oxygen and oxygen gas available from WestAir.

Product Name Specifications Safety Data Sheet
Oxygen: Research Grade Product Grades Click to View SDS
Oxygen: Ultra High Purity Grade Product Grades Click to View SDS
Oxygen: High Purity Grade  Product Grades Click to View SDS
Oxygen: Zero Grade  Product Grades Click to View SDS
Oxygen: Laser Grade  Product Grades Click to View SDS
Oxygen: Industrial Grade   Click to View SDS
Oxygen: Aviator Breathing Grade   Click to View SDS
Oxygen: Food Grade   Click to View SDS
Medical Oxygen: USP Grade   Click to View SDS


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Frequent Uses for Oxygen 

A common application for industrial oxygen is in the metal manufacturing sector. Here, it enriches air and improves combustion in blast furnaces used for steelmaking.

The paper and pulp industry relies on oxygen as a bleaching chemical in conjunction with caustic soda. This creates a cost-effective alternative to chlorine and other chemicals.

In the healthcare sector, oxygen gas tanks are vital pieces of equipment. Their utilization during surgery and in intensive care situations keeps patients healthier.

As one of the leading gas and liquid oxygen suppliers in the state, WestAir has what you need. We can supply bulk oxygen in multiple grades and tank sizes to suit your requirements. To learn more about everything we can do for you, contact us today.

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