Specialty Gas Equipment

Maintaining the purity of your specialty gases places high demands on the regulators, manifolds and flowmeters you choose.

You need the right equipment to protect your processes from trace impurities.  The right regulators, manifolds and flowmeters will help prevent downtime, damaged runs and reduced performance or throughput.

Look to WestAir for the specialty gas equipment you need for your specific deployment.

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The following tables describe the WestAir line of Specialty Gas Equipment that you can use in your processes.

Regulators and Manifolds    
Single Stage Regulators   Two Stage Regulators   Line Regulators
Lecture Bottle Regulators   Protocol Stations   Protocol Switchovers
Changeover Systems   Manifold Alarms   Modular Manifolds

High Resolution Flowmeters   Dual Gas Proportioners   Large Flow Acrylic
Economic Acrylic   Mass Flow Controllers   Flowmeter Alarms
Mass Flowmeters        

Filters / Purifiers        
Inline Filters   Teflon Membrane Filters   Indicating Oxygen Traps
Oxygen Removing Purifiers   CO2 Traps   High Capacity Units
Moisture Traps    Hydrocarbon Traps    

Cylinder Storage / Handling        
Process Stands (Non-mounted)   Storage Racks   Gas Cabinets
Small & Large Stands   Floor Stands   Hand Trucks

Other Equipment        
Cylinder Brackets    Cylinder Connections   Cylinder Scales 
Cylinder Wrenches   Flash Arrestors   Gas Detection Systems
Gas Heaters   Hoses   Leak Detectors
Low-pressure Alarms   Pressure Gauges   Purge Assemblies

At WestAir, you can find the regulators and other specialty gas equipment you need to ensure the integrity of your processes so that your specialty gases are delivered at the purities, volumes and pressure ranges you need.

Each WestAir location carries a large supply of regulators for non-corrosive and corrosive gases.  You'll also find flowmeters to handle a wide variety of pressures and temperatures, while also providing you with the accuracy needed to ensure the right throughput.  Our in-house experts will gladly sit down with you and help you pick the best manifolds, protocol stations and changeover systems to insure that you can safely and effectively manage multiple gas sources in your systems.

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