Clothing, Footwear and Gloves

WestAir offers a wide variety of clothing boots, shoes and gloves: chemical, disposable, flame-retardant, leather, and high-heat. 

Whether you are looking for a reliable supplier for your safety clothing, footwear and gloves, or if you have an immediate emergency to address, you can count on WestAir to provide all of your safety products when you need them.

In addition, with WestAir, you’ll have access to a team of safety experts that can help you analyze your requirements and provide training.


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  • CHEMICAL CLOTHING: Chemical resistant jackets, pants, hoods and full suits available in a wide variety of materials, colors and closures.
  • DISPOSABLE CLOTHING: Many of types of protection including complete suits, lab coats, aprons, sleeves, boots and head socks are available in a variety of materials like Poly, Tyvek®, Butyl and cane mesh.
  • FLAME RETARDANT CLOTHING: Flame retardant and resistant clothing including; aprons, coats, coveralls, jackets, suits and more come in several sizes, lengths, colors and materials.
  • LEATHER CLOTHING:  Including aprons, boot covers, jackets, overalls, sleeves and ore in many sizes and lengths.
  • RAINWEAR: Choose from coveralls, bibbed overalls, jackets, pants, and hoods to protect workers in any work environment.
  • HIGH HEAT CLOTHING: High heat clothing protects worker from extreme high heat but is not flame-retardant.  Most have an aluminized outer coating but other colors and materials are available in chaps, leggings, coats, jackets, pants, coveralls, bibs, aprons and sleeves.
  • INSULATED CLOTHING: Designed for comfort and performance, choose coveralls, coats, jackets, pants, vests and aprons for your workplace.
  • REFLECTIVE CLOTHING & VESTS: WestAir offers a variety of coats, jackets, T-shirts and vests.
  • WINTER LINERS: Protect your workers with helmet liners and hardhat pullovers to cover the head and neck.
  • BANDANAS, CAPS & SWEATBANDS: Selct from a wide range of light head protection including; regular and heat activated cooling bandanas, caps and sweatbands for face shields, headgear, helmets and stand-alone use.
  • WORK CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES: WestAir offers the work clothing you need including; coveralls, bibbed overalls, jackets, long and short sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, vests, sleeves and aprons as well as accessories like belts, suspenders, socks, and hand, foot and neck warmers.


OSHA approved shoes, boots and accessories.

  • Boots: Boots in all sizes for men and women in a variety of materials including Kevlar, latex, leather, Nitrile, nylon, PVC, vinyl and more.
  • Boot & Shoe Accessories: Insoles in felt, foam, air and rubber, toe guards, cleats and studs, strings, shoe socks and suspenders for your hip waders.
  • Shoes: Shoes in many materials and sizes. Brands include Norcross and LaCrosse-Rainfair.


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  • GENERAL PURPOSE COTTON GLOVES (UNCOATED): Cotton, string knit, canvas and jersey gloves available in knit-wrist, band-top, gauntlet and safety cuff, and either plain or coated palms.
  • CUT RESISTANT GLOVES: Cut-resistant gloves provide protection against sharp objects such as blades, glass and metals.  Gloves contain Kevlar®, stainless steel or special coatings to protect the wearer.
  • DISPOSABLE GLOVES & FINGER COTS: Disposable gloves and finger cots provide limited protection against liquids, oils, chemicals and minor injuries while offering the advantage of easy cleanup.  Available as powdered, powder-free and latex-free.
  • WELDERS' GLOVES: Cowhide is the most widely used leather for welders' gloves. Other materials include pigskin, goatskin and deerskin.
  • HEAT RESISTANT GLOVES:  Heat Resistant Gloves can protect against heat and light flame up to 2000° F.  Materials include ceramic, cotton, cowhide, terry cloth, wool, Flextra®, and Kevlar®.
  • HOT MILL GLOVES:  Hot Mill Gloves are similar to Heat Resistant Gloves but are designed for light duty or residential use for temperatures up to 400°.  Materials include cotton, nitrile, terry cloth and Kevlar®.
  • COATED WORK GLOVES:  Coated Work Gloves often combine a cotton with a coating of rubber, PVC, nitrile or vinyl to give the wearer comfort and added protection against tears and punctures.  Available in gauntlet, knit wrist or straight cuff and crinkle, rough, textured or web coating.
  • INSPECTION GLOVES:  Available in acrylic, cotton, knit, nylon, polyester or polyurethane and with coatings of foam or polyurethane.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANT GLOVES:  Chemical Resistant Gloves available in various materials including butyl, viton, nitrile, latex, rubber, natural rubber, neoprene and pva.
  • NEOPRENE GLOVES:  Effective replacements for natural rubber and vinyl.  Neoprene does not contain latex proteins that can cause allergic reactions.
  • COLD WEATHER GLOVES:  Available in a variety of materials and liners including leather, neoprene, nylon, pigskin, polar fleece, polyester and Thinsulate.
  • CRYOGENIC GLOVES:   PVA Gloves in a variety of types and sizes.

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