Welding Supplies and Equipment

You need the right equipment to get the most out of the gases you use to cut, heat, weld, or braze the variety of materials you deal with day in and day out.


Gas Apparatus

WestAir carries a complete line of welding and cutting gas equipment including regulators, torches, manifolds, heating & cutting tips and much more from leading manufacturers like Concoa, Victor and Harris.

Welding & Cutting Equipment

WestAir carries a complete line of welders, plasma cutters and other equipment from major manufacturers like Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, Hypertherm and ESAB.

Welding Supplies & Accessories

WestAir carries a complete line of consumables for your MIG guns and TIG torches.  WestAir can also help you with arc gouging, pipe cutting, and beveling products from major manufacturers like Weldmark, Lincoln Electric, Miller  Electric, Bernard, Hobart, H&M, Steelmax and Victor.

Filler Metals

WestAir carries a complete line of welding filler metals, welding wire, MIG wire, TIG rods, stick electrodes, sub-arc products and more from leading manufacturers like Hobart, Pinnacle Alloys and ESAB.
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WestAir has everything you need for your welding and cutting applications: welding machines, plasma cutters, welding accessories and filler metals.

Whether you are looking for a reliable supplier for your gas and welding equipment requirements, or if you have an immediate emergency to address, you can count on WestAir to provide the gas and welding equipment when you need them.

At WestAir, you have access to a team of gas experts that can help you analyze your gas system needs and provide training.