Steve Castiglione - CEO WestAir Gases & Equipment

Steve Castiglione

Chief Executive Officer,
WestAir Gases & Equipment Inc.

Upon starting WestAir in 1970, Andy Castiglione had his 12 year old son Steve learning the ropes of the family business.

For many years, Steve did a wide variety of jobs including sweeping and pulling weeds.  Steve's role often changed depending on the day, and what needed to be done, in order to get his feet wet in the business world.

Steve's father, Andy, continuously put Steve in welding positions within WestAir, and also at customer locations.  Andy placed extra emphasis on this area of expertise because he wanted Steve to be very familiar with what customers needed and wanted, and also how WestAir could help them.

When Steve was 25, he began working as a salesperson and earned the responsibilities of Vice President.  In 2000, Steve became the President of WestAir Gases.  Throughout the years, Steve has continued to enhance his father's vision and emphasize customer service.  It is Steve's drive to maintain solidarity within the company that results in WestAir's exceptional service to customers around the country.

Steve is a member of a national group of distributors (GAWDA) who meet throughout the year. During this time the group will share ideas and keep one another informed on how to keep their businesses up to date and customer service focused.

When Steve is not in the office he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. They enjoy traveling together and often take vacations to their home in Catalina where they enjoy fishing and the outdoors. 



Executive Team


Austin Romesberg

Vice President, Operations


Tim Van Linge

Chief Financial Officer


General Managers

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Andy Castiglione

President, San Diego

 Dave Ehrlich

 General Manager of Specialty Gases

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Dan Fairchild

Director of Supply Chain and Marketing


 Michael Fuette

General Manager, Central Valley

Regional Manager Los Angeles Basin Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson

General Manager, Los Angeles Basin


Max Hooper

General Manager, Beverage