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Brazing and Soldering
Fluxes & Powders

Look to WestAir to help you get the right Brazing or Soldering Flux or Powder for your projects.

Brazing fluxes remove oxides and contaminants to ensure quality brazed joints.

At WestAir, we will help you find the right flux or powder from leading manufacturers like Harris and Dynaflux.

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The table below describes the Brazing and Soldering Fluxes & Powders you can get from WestAir.  

 Brazing and Soldering Fluxes & Powders

Cadmium Free Silver Solders General Purpose Brazing Fluxes Stainless Steel Fluxes
Cutting and Scarfing Powders Liquid Soldering Fluxes White Brazing Fluxes
High Temperature Black Brazing Fluxes Paste Soldering Fluxes

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