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MIG Wire
(GMAW and  SAW)

Look to WestAir to help you get the right MIG Wire and Subarc Wires for your projects.  WestAir carries a large stock of MIG welding wire to help meet your welding needs.

At WestAir, we will help you find the MIG Wire and Subarc Wire in the right material and the right AWS classification from leading manufacturers like ESAB, Arcos, and Lincoln Electric.

ESAB-logo-50H Lincoln-Electric-logo-50H Arcos-logo-50H 

WestAir has in stock, tested Mil-Spec wires, all with actual certifications. The table below describes MIG Wires and Subarc Wires you can get from WestAir.

MIG Wires

Aluminum Copper Alloy Maintenance Alloys
Bronze Alloy Hard Facing Nickel Alloy
Carbon Steel  Low Alloy Steel Stainless Steel

Subarc Wires 

Carbon Steel Low Alloy Steel Stainless Steel
  Hard Facing  


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