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Soldering and brazing are similar processes that cover or layer a joint with solder, a silver/lead alloy.  Soldering uses an electrically heated metal tip, while brazing uses an open flame.

A special type of solder, Common Wire Solder, is often used to coat areas against rusting and corrosion when the object is too large to disassemble and dip in galvanizing tanks.

Look to WestAir to help you get the right Solder for your projects.  WestAir carries a large stock of solder tubes, coils and bars to help meet your soldering and brazing needs.



The tables below describe the types of Solder you can get from WestAir.

Soldering & Brazing Solders

Cadmium-free Silver Solder High Silver Solder Self-Fluxing Copper Brazing Rod
Flux-coated Cadmium-free Silver Alloy Nickel Silver Brazing Alloy Silver Alloy
Flux-coated Nickel Silver Brazing Rods Phosphorus Copper Silver Solder Silver Solder

Common Wire Solders

Aluminum Solder High Silver Solder Tin/Antimony Solder
Bar Solder Lead-free Solder  Tin/Lead/Zinc Solder
Cadmium/Zinc Aluminum Solder Solid Wire Solder  


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