Stick Electrodes

Look to WestAir to for the right Stick Electrodes.  Stick Electrodes range from Mild to Low Alloy steel, Hardfacing to restore worn surfaces, as well as nickel and aluminum alloys.

WestAir stocks Stick Electrodes in the AWS Classifications, diameters and alloys for all your jobs and projects.  In addition, we can provide and have in stock tested MIL-SPEC electrodes with Actual Certification.

At WestAir, we will help you find Stick Electrodes from leading manufacturers like ESAB, Harris Welco and Hobart Brothers.

ESAB-logo-50H Hobart-logo-50H Lincoln-Electric-logo-50H Arcos-logo-50H

The table below describes the Stick Electrodes you can get from WestAir.

Stick Electrodes

Carbon Steel Low-alloy Steel Nickel Alloy
Hard Facing Maintenance All Stainless Steel

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