TIG Rods

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding lets you weld thinner material than other processes.  TIG solves problems related to burn-through or warping.

Look to WestAir to for the right TIG Rods.  TIG Rods range from Carbon Steel for mild and low alloy steel, Bronze for steel alloys, Nickel Alloy, Aluminum, and Copper Alloy to join or overlay bronze, copper, copper alloys, and brass to steel.

WestAir stocks TIG Rods in the AWS Classifications, diameters and alloys for all your jobs and projects.  We also provide MIL-Spec tested material with actual certification.

At WestAir, we will help you find TIG Rods from leading manufacturers like ESAB, Harris, Hobart and Lincoln Electric Co.

  Harris-logo-50H Hobart-logo-50H Lincoln-Electric-logo-50H

The table below describes TIG Rods you can get from WestAir.

TIG Rods

Aluminum Hard Facing Nickel Alloy
Carbon Steel Low Alloy Steel Stainless Steel
Copper Alloy  Maintenance Alloy  


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