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Gas Product Accessories

Need critical parts to complete an installation?  Need to replace a broken part?  Or do you need a better way to store or relocate your cylinders?

WestAir stocks a wide variety of Gas Equipment Accessories that you need for your projects.

Look to WestAir for adapters and hose fittings, cylinder carts, twin and single hoses and flashback arrestors, and replacement gauges with cases of brass, plastic and steel.

At WestAir, we will help you find reliable and cost-effective accessories from leading manufacturers like, ESAB, Harris and Victor Technologies.

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The list below describes types of Gas Product Accessories you can get from WestAir. 

Adapters and Fittings       Gas Apparatus Support Equipment      Manifolds, Piping and Valves
Cylinder Carts   Cylinder Cages, Stands, Racks and Caps    Twin and Single-grade T Hose
Replacement Gauges    Hose Repair Kits    Cutting Machines

You can also find stands, racks and cages to protect your cylinders.

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