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Area Protection & Other Safety Products


Look to WestAir for the Environmental Safety Products you will need to stop, store, contain and clean up environmentally sensitive areas including ventilation equipment, sorbents and socks, chemicals, poly items, and safety cans and drums.

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  • SORBENTS & CLEAN-UP: Pads, rolls, socks, and floor sweep.
  • SPILL CONTROL, STORAGE & CONTAINMENT: Drum accessories, spill kits , secondary storage pallets, drum sheds, flammable storage cabinets, safety containers, transfer cans, cleaning tanks, cylinder cages, and smoking receptacles.
  • VENTILATION: Dust and fume extraction, filters and containment tents.

Facility & Area Protection and First Aid

Safety products for notification and security including lockout/tagout, safety signs, labels and tags, barricades, fencing, dust and arc flash curtains.

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  • FIRST AID and FIRST RESPONDER KITS: Kits containing essential bandages are other emergency response supplies for job site, shop, and vehicles.
  • BARRICADES & FENCING CURTAINS: Barricade tapes, glow-in-the-dark tape, marking tape, traffic cones and welding curtains
  • SAFETY SIGNS: Caution; Danger; Keep Clear; No Smoking; Cylinder Storage Area
  • SAFETY LABELS & TAGS: ID tags, Inspection tags, Numbers, Right-to-Know labels, Shipping
  • labels, and Warning labels.
  • LOCKOUT & TAGOUT: Padlock-to-valve lockout stations and kits.
  • TRAFFIC: Banners, barricades, signs, and traffic cones.

Ergonomics and Flooring

Personal ergonomics equipment to help reduce back and repetitive motion injury. Flooring safety equipment to reduce slip corrosion and fatigue.

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  • ANTI-FATIGUE ANTI-SLIP FLOOR MATTING: laboratory, welding, kitchen
  • FALL PROTECTION: Full body harnesses, self-retracting lifelines and lanyards, connectors, guardrails, and universal lifelines.

Monitors & Calibration Equipment 

  • GAS MONITORS & SENSORS: Personal, fixed and confined space gas monitors and gas detectors.

Respiratory Protection

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  • CARTRIDGES & FILTERS: Chemical, particulate, multi-purpose, and organic vapor.
  • DISPOSABLE, FULL- and HALF-FACE RESPIRATORS: A wide variety of the most reputable manufacturers to choose from.
  • PAPR Units: Taking respiratory protection to the next level by protecting employees from hazards associated with welding fumes, sparks and arc flash, chemicals and heavy particulates. 
  • S.C.B.A.: Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. For confined workspace environments and Hazardous Response Teams.
Special NOTE: always refer to your Material Data Sheet for proper respirator and cartridge selection.

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