Plasma Cutters & Torches
Look to WestAir to help you get the right Plasma Cutting machine - a multi-purpose tool that lets you cut or gouge a broad range of materials. WestAir Plasma Cutters give you capabilities for faster, easier and better cutting and gouging:
  • Automatically adjust the gas pressure
  • Automatically compensate for input voltage variations
  • Up to 200 amps of cutting power


WestAir carries a complete line of multi-purpose Plasma Cutters from major manufacturers like Hypertherm and Miller Electric. WestAir welding experts will help you select the best Plasma Cutter for your application.

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The table below describes key characteristics of the Plasma Cutters you can get from WestAir.

Type  Input Power Cutting Capacity
Handheld  200-600V, 1/3 Phase 3/4" @ 20 ipm; 1" @ 10 ipm; Severance: 1
1/4" @ 5 ipm
Handheld 200-600V, 1/3 Phase   1" @ 20 ipm; 1 1/4" @ 10 ipm;
Severance: 1 1/2" @ 5 ipm 
Handheld 115/230 Volts, 1Phase  Mild Steel ¼” @ 27ipm; 3/8” @ 14 ipm 
Handheld  208/230V 1Phase  Mild Steel 3/8” @ 10 ipm
Handheld or
200-240V, 1Phase  1/2" @ 20 ipm; 3/4" @ 10 ipm;
Severance: 1" @ 5 ipm

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