TIG Torch Parts & Consumables

Look to WestAir to help you get the right TIG Torches, parts and consumables.

The tables below describe TIG Torches, parts and consumables you can get from WestAir. 

TIG Consumables

Tungsten Collets & Collet Bodies and Insulators Handles
Back Caps Cups & High Impact Cups Insulator Sleeves
Collect Bodies  Nozzles & Nozzle Insulators Filler Metals

TIG Torch Parts

Adapters    Handles & Handle Switches Sleeves
Extension Kits    Hose Clamp  Solid Elements
Barrels   Insulating Rings Spot Weld Kits 
Chucks    Insulators  Torch Adapters
Couplers    Locking Nuts Torch Bodies
Cup Gaskets    Machine Connectors Torch Caps
Dinse Connectors   Gaskets Wrenches 
Gas Hoses & Gas Hose Extensions   Power Cables & Power Cable Adapters,Connectors and Extensions Water Hoses & Water Hose Extensions
    Back Caps & Back Cap Insulators  

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