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Cryo Shield Partners with WestAir

Posted on Mar 22, 2016

Cryo_Shield_Sign_CroppedREV1.jpgCryotherapy is the exposure of freezing temperatures to increase cell growth and inflammation in a cryogenically controlled therapy. This type of therapy has been used as early as the seventeenth century and has made its therapeutic journey to the United States. Temperatures inside the chamber range from 110° Celsius to 130° Celsius below zero. Levels, time and temperatures are determined by the patient’s tolerance in order to further the cryotherapy, with a maximum time limit set at 3 minutes. The length of time exposed to the below zero temperatures enhances the patient’s quality of the session.

 Identifying the need of cryotherapy in San Diego, CA, James Shields, pitcher for the San Diego Padres, opened Cryo Shield to help serve and heal the community. The store is located in the Flower Hill Promenade in Del Mar, CA to assist athletes and non-athletes alike. “I’m in this [business] because I’m passionate about wellness and healing,” said James Shields, “it’s been astonishing to watch this treatment better lives on a daily basis.” This natural remedy allows your body to flush out lactic acid to rejuvenate your cells. Top benefits include inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, sleeping and muscle aches.CryoShield_Mobile_unit_cropped.jpg

 The ability to take cryotherapy on the road is just one of the things that differentiate Cryo Shield from other cryotherapy companies. They’re able to accomplish this with their mobile cryotherapy unit.  “Our mobile unit is a game changer for us, giving us the ability to bring cryotherapy to marathons, bike races and other sporting events” say Shields.

WestAir partnered with Cryo Shield for all their gases and piping needs to serve their therapy center and mobile chamber. Approximately 6 liters of Liquid Nitrogen is used per treatment for the three chambers available at Cryo Shield.  WestAir worked very closely with Cryo Shield to evaluate and design the optimum supply system. For Cryo Shield this meant a turnkey system which included a 3000 liter MicroBulk tank and vacuum jacketed piping.

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