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Excellent Employees Lead to Happy Customers

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

Excerpts from article published in December 2014 CryoGas International

WestAir Gases and Equipment’s Employment Strategy

WestAir Gases and Equipment (, one of the largest independent distributors of gases, gas equipment, and welding supplies in the Southwest, believes in the value of growing and expanding the knowledge of its employees. The foundation of this belief begins with the company’s recruiting process, an important element in seeking the right candidates to join WestAir’s journey. WestAir strives to recruit talented individuals to continue the development of our rapidly growing company and we invest in all types of people to create a dynamic team.

“Building our team with industry veterans with proven experience and combining them with fresh-out-of-college young adults just starting their careers, generates energy and passion as we grow,” says Taylor Butler, Director of Human Resources.

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