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WestAir partners with Lincoln Electric for future product development

Posted on Aug 18, 2015

WestAir and Lincoln have partnered to develop a WestAir private label in robotics, set to launch next month. Lincoln Electric invited WestAir to their products training to be educated on the latest products and tools available. WestAir employees recently participated in a Lincoln Electric sponsored training of product development through hands-on training. "The training allows us to keep up with the evolution and demand of an evolving market," said Account Manager, Mark Burton. Robotics will help customers stay competitive by lowering cost, rework and downtime. The private label enhances our level of commitment and differentiates WestAir from the competition.

The two companies have paired to advance their knowledge of the robotics industry and begin the teamwork for their development effort. "We believe in forming and strengthening our relationship with our customers and being able to inform them about market changes that affect their overall business," said Director of Supply Chain Management and Marketing, Dan Fairchild.

Being proficient and proactive of the latest technology and tools will ultimately benefit our customers. "We are a strong independent company, and our team can utilize this training by bringing new technologies and solutions to the field. The goal is to educate our team and develop expertise on cutting edge technology that can be passed on to our customers," said Fairchild.



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