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WestAir Palm Springs, CA

WestAir Gases & Equipment Inc.
3591 N Indian Canyon Dr 
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Phone: 760 325 1634

Palm Springs and Coachella Valley, Industrial & Beverage Gas Supplier


WestAir Gases & Equipment provides specialty & industrial gases like nitrogen, argon and CO2 to a wide range of businesses including Agriculture (both grow and extraction), labs, biotechs, metal fabricators, restaurants, bars & breweries. WestAir provides liquid & compressed gases in cylinders & dewars.

We support all aspects of the agriculture industry including grow, extraction, and analytical labs throughout the Southern CA. Our local branch in Palm Springs has the only bulk storage tank and CO2 pumper delivery truck in the Coachella Valley.

WestAir offers a complete line of Industrial gases including but not limited to: Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Butane, Propane, Argon, Oxygen, Helium, and Hydrogen in Industrial, High Purity, Food, and Medical grades. All gases can be delivered in the mode of your choice: Bulk, Microbulk, Liquid Cylinders, or High Pressure Cylinders and Packs. Inquire about our environmentally friendly Green CO2 system as an alternative to expensive and complex liquid cylinders such as Dewars, Microbulk and Bulk systems.

Since 1970, WestAir has made sure companies have their gases when they need them. Automated Cylinder Management makes it easy to do business. Also, look to WestAir for green & cost-effective bulk gas solutions.

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To place a gas order or to inquire about products or availability Palm Springs, please call us directly at 760 325 1634. 


Got questions or  prefer to have it in writing? Drop us an email to with your questions and an experienced WestAir representative will be happy to help you. 


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