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Dan Fairchild manages supply chain and marketing for WestAir. A longtime gas industry veteran, Dan brings experience and know-how to every part of the WestAir supply chain.

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Rules of Thumb for Argon Tank Supply Planning

by Dan Fairchild on Dec 16, 2014

Market Conditions Drive Need for Smart Argon Tank Planning

Rules of thumb to help simplify your life and your job

A Rule of Thumb is a term that probably originated by the many ways a thumb is used for measurement within many different fields, from brewing, to building, to art. Today, it is commonly used to refer to a practical rule that is based on experience.  Below are some useful Rules of Thumb you might use in your personal and professional lives:

  • If you want to improve something, then measure it.
  • Use less than 10% of the credit that’s available to you.
  • When the snowstorm of the century bears down on you, don’t drink too much red wine the first night of the blizzard.

When it comes to picking the right sized argon gas tank or cylinder, WestAir has found a couple of useful Rules of Thumb you should consider:

  • For gases such as argon, oxygen or nitrogen, if you use more than 20 cylinders-per-month, you should consider taking advantage of a dewar storage systems.
  • If you find you are using 2-to-3 dewars-per-week you may consider a MicroBulk solution.
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